Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen – Fun Funny Show

Performed by: Jennifer Harder, Charley Layton, Glen Heroy
Written by: Jennifer Harder, Charley Layton, Glen Heroy
Directed by: The Ensemble
Tech provided by: Gavin Starr Kendall

by: Stanley Allan Sherman

jenhenchmen3 Entering playing music…this is an instrumental musical show. This ensemble has fun from beginning to end. Funny jokes, dumb jokes, off colored jokes; but no matter what they do, it is done with lots of joy. At the beginning they tell all the children to leave to avoid lawsuits. The base of the show are three very strong character that make this very odd and different show work. Jen a ne’er-do-well scamp, playing the trumpet. Ivan Ivanovitch Ivanoff an odd Russian character that plays a mean according and some strings. Glen Heroy playing Commissioner Ray O’Sun “Ray” Kelly playing the spoons and other things. All three are loaded with many talents that they use well together.

jenhenchmen1If you are looking for an odd and different show, this is it. Anything with Glen Heroy, you are going to get 200%. At one point Glen plays his spoons on every part of Jen’s body, complete with personal comments. Ivan – seems to specialize in really bad joke.

Playing music and old time songs with twist in twisted situations. It is the counter mask of these characters that is fun and funny about Bathtub Jen and the Henchmen. Full of dark off color, ugly, laughing, humor. One could say the show could use a little story line tweaking. Over all it is very worth while traveling into their world.

jenhenchmenNY Clown Theater Festival
Tickets $15
Next Shows Friday Sept 19 @ 7PM & Thursday Sept 25 @ 7 PM

Jennifer Harder:
Charley Layton:
Glen Heroy:
Mask Arts Company pages
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Commedia dell’Arte
Pro-Wrestling & Music Rap mask
Dance theater film
Custom masks and props
Teaching plays acting

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