Commedia dell'Arte Masks
Custom hand crafted Commedia masks made in New York City Since 1976

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History, articles on Commedia dell'Arte and more:

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Commedia dell'Arte News
"The Slapstick have been developed, tested and are now available."
National Cappie Award" winner, using Raw Neoprene masks by Norwood Performing Arts production in Texas

Economic Recovery Mask prices
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Two different kinds of
The Commedia dell'Arte Masks

Leather Leather Masks

Neoprene Neoprene Latex Masks

Leather and Neoprene Commedia masks are made from the similar molds. The difference is performance quality, feel, look, durability and comfort. For professionals, I highly recommend ordering leather Commedia dell'Arte masks. Neoprene Commedia masks is excellent for tight budgeted theatre and drama education. A leather Commedia dell'Arte mask for a theater department can last 10 years or more. I've used some leather masks for over 20 years.

Tight Budgets:
Neoprene Masks are from $44 to $115 coming in - Raw, Finish, Finished with Hair, and with Lining and/or Adjustable Elastic. Understanding people and organizations have tight budgets, I offer adjustable elastic and lining as additional options for Neoprene Latex Masks. This is one way I can keep prices low, giving you options that will fit your budget when ordering. You can buy unfinished Raw Neoprene masks for a real budget saver.

How are they different?
Leather mask is more comfortable, durable, and will adjust to your face better. In performance or classes, it has a better feeling and energy. Plus it is one of the materials which the original Commedia dell'Arte masks were made from. A leather theater and teaching mask will last longer than a neoprene mask.

The leather masks come with an adjustable elastic strap. Neoprene masks have an extra charge for the adjustable elastic and Neoprene is less expensive.

How are they the same?
The same high quality designs are available in both leather and neoprene. You can get custom coloring and hair on both types of masks.

Improved Adjustable Elastic:
I am always on the lookout to improve my masks and I have found another one.

Improved adjustable elastic is now available to hold your masks on better - even when the elastic wears out.


Slapsticks designed for the Commedia dell'Arte performer.
After years of design testing, research and development, I am happy to have created slapsticks that looks like Arlecchino's replacement for his sword. Arlecchino could not afford a sword, so he used a simple stick. A slapstick, which creates a loud smack sound with a light tap. Most of todays slapsticks that are made have a large spring hinge to make the smack sound. My slapsticks have no hinge or spring; which makes them safer to use as well. It makes the loud smack sound without all that. Which takes some craftsmenship and time. Yes, the term "slapstick comedy" comes from this instrument and prop, the slapstick. Questions, please ask.

dhold a slapstick with 3 on the table.  Slapstick are two pieces of wood designed to look like a simple stick.

Read Mask Arts Company Blog: Performers Slapstick Designed for the Performer. It is my journey in creating these slapsticks over the last few years.

19" Poplar Slapstick .... $150
19" Oak Slapstick .......
. $200

" Poplar Slapstick ....
24" Oak Slapstick ........
For custom or unique Slapsticks, contact me.
To order:
Stanley Allan Sherman- Mask Arts Company or call 212-255-2882


elderly women of the Commedia dell'Arte.  Laura  Paquella, RuffianaTwo new Commedia dell'Arte mask designs, the elderly women of the Commedia dell'Arte; Laura, Pasquella, Ruffiana and Dottore #3 in Neoprene latex masks in Raw, Finished and Finished with Hair.


"Anyone can open the drawer marked Commedia dell'Arte, but, having opened it, how does one know what to choose from it."
Carlo Mazzone-Clementi 1974

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Carlo Mazzone-Clementi Collection




Hold the Mask on the Face - Elastic

Finishing for Leather Masks

When ordering neoprene masks remember to say if you would like Adjustable Elastic & Lining added to your masks when ordering.

History, articles on Commedia dell'Arte and more:

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Health alert: People who are allergic to neoprene latex or leather should consult their physician before using masks.

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