“La Cita” – make a date for “The Date”

by: Stanley Allan Sherman © September 10, 2014

Created and performed by: Felipe Ortiz
Music by: Sebastian Sero
Director: Felipe Ortiz of La Gata Cirko and Picnic Improvisation of Colombia
La Gata Cirko
Bogota, Columbia

La CritaHow wonderful, simple play of silences; mime done well you do not even notice the lack of words. Felipe is an excellent mime, an art you need to be a great clown. Sebastian our live musician of La Cita plays guitar, piano, percussion and computer. Between Felipe and Sebastian they have a playful relationship that enhances the play of Felipe’s silent story telling and props manipulation. If you would like a show with great prop manipulation and more this is your show. All the prop manipulation is totally integrated into the story flowing very well.

La crita2In La Cita we have laughs but also poetry of movement, manipulation and story telling. All which is enhanced with music. Our opening of the show, Felipe is setting up and Sebastian is playing guitar and singing as the audience is entering. We can easily listen to his music the entire show.  The play begins with Felipe and Sebastian playing off each other and Sebastian playing with Felipe. But mostly the music enhances what Felipe is dong sometimes adding another element to the action. La Cita is all about prep for a date and the date. In life the prep can be everything. Making things perfect. Of course there is lots of room for play here. Felipe’s physicality is a joy to watch as it is never showing off, but the play of the storyline.

In this New York Clown Theater Festival we can all easily enjoy this show that works on many levels. Although it is not slated as a family show – one could take the family to this show. La Cita storyline is simple with real heart and elements of life. One comes to La Cita for the play and joy of it, which works on several levels.

You want to catch this fun and poetic show.

NY Clown Theater Festival www.bricktheater.com/clown
Two more show $15
Thursday, September 11th @ 7pm
Friday, September 12th @ 8:30pm

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