Moving Stationary – movingly funny

By: Thom Monckton
From: Patea, New Zealand

By Stanley Allan Sherman
© copyright September 24, 2012

This is an unusual unique solo clown piece and solo shows are really tough to do well.  You know that a lot of time went into this piece. The show is a simple premise of a guy moving up in an office going to a very high upper floor.  Starting with the elevator.  How much can you do in an elevator?  For Thom Monckton it is one comic physical bit after another using only his body, costume and props.  Thom is a top-notch mime and well trained not only in mime but prop manipulation.  He does all original refreshing material that you will not see anywhere else.  Moving Stationary is full of discovery! This clown discovers and takes advantage of every single moment!  There are games and play throughout the show, down to play with his costume and the set.  Will not give away the details because it will only spoil some of the surprises.   Thom’s clown is constantly challenged with every little task.   Just placing and unpacking four boxes are a total adventure in the comic absurd and twisted, totally funny.

There is a lot of music used well, different music and different times.  We really need to see a program with the music credited, because it was so well put together. A few moments the music seemed to get in the way a little during part of the boxes.  The rolling original bits one after another almost seemed predictable about a third of the way into the show and it could use a little more variety in the timing of the over all show.  The hot and spicy piece in the beginning of the show really shows off Thom’s high level of movement capabilities.  At moments it slipped into showing off his technique, but that is a very hard line to balance and he plays most of it right on the money.  One brilliant moment that I have never seen blended so well into a story line is his handstand and one-handed balance.  It was not Thom Monckton doing a handstand it was his clown.  It was totally in line with the story and it flowed perfectly.  The dance with the paper is beautifully done and you cannot get paper flying choreographically without practice.

This is a brilliant performance and show.  The ending needs a little more development and a show is not just one clever bit after another.  With a little more playing with the story line and the dynamics of the over all shows we would experience a much more complete and satisfying show.   Thom’s get very high praise for the development of this show.   You do not miss this delightful very original show, which has two more performances, Monday 7 P.M. September 24th and Saturday 8:30 P.M. September 29.

The New York Clown Theater Festival runs through Sept. 30th at the Brick Theater

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