Dante: The Magical Mysterious Man in Plaid – WHAT!

Created and performed by: Sean Dawson with Tanya Solomon
Sean Dawson is from New Orleans, LA

By Stanley Allan Sherman
© copyright September 24, 2012

Tanya Solomon starts this show and straps on her full size accordion, which she plays throughout most of the show.  This is not a magic show, which Sean performs; it is a funny clown show that just happens to be filled with magic tricks and gags from beginning to end.   One great thing about having Tanya play live music is she is a magician herself so she can play and keep the right pace and timing with the all the magic happening on stage.

This is not at all like most magic shows where every magician does the exact same routines, the same way to the same uncredited music.  It is full of the unexpected and we do not realize he says nothing through the whole show.  His play with silence and mime are excellent, every moment of the show is filled.  Discovery and confusion of how did this happen?  Looks like I have to deal with this, which flows into the next bit and unexpected happening.  Sean also makes fun of the big flair of magic by tossing out a very tiny few fingers full of colored glitter after he does something where the audience is wowed.  He is getting things out of his suite case and finds a rope in his hand, next thing he realizes it is tied around his suspenders under his jacket and he has no idea how that happened, being surprised as we are.  It is one surprise after another with things just happening to this happy character.  Sean’s skill is so good one member of the audience was so shocked in, how did that happen she let out a very loud, “WHAT!”

You can tell how great a performer is by how they cover up a slip up.  I am talking about Tanya Solomon.  At the end of the show she goes behind the curtain back stage.  Dante has some very large cloth he is holding up.  He turns the cloth when he is not suppose to, or this was wonderfully build into the show revealing Tanya on the floor hiding.  Next thing we see after playing with the cloth is Dante bring the cloth forwards and Tanya knowing that everyone has seen her, sticks her hand out from behind the cloth and waves to the audience, which the audience loves.  Audiences always love truth.  Even though we all know what is going to happen it still seems wonderfully magical.    Great Show.  This magical show runs two more shows and was double bill from New Zealand, Members of Our Limbs, Dante’s up coming shows are double billed with Zero Boy Thursday September 27th @ 8:30 P.M. and Friday September 28th @ 7 P.M.  This is a not to be missed show.

The New York Clown Theater Festival runs through Sept. 30th at the Brick Theater http://www.bricktheater.com


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