Perhaps, Perhaps … Quizas – a girls clown drama

Created and Performed by: Gabriela Mumoz
From: Mexico City, Mexico

By Stanley Allan Sherman
© copyright September 21, 2012

In this new theatrical area of Clown Theater not all shows are gut twistingly funny, some are dramatic that touches the soul more than a normal drama.  Clowns can reflect on a pinpoint of life and laughingly reflect truth.  This clown breaks the bearers with actions and emotions that are normal for clowns, as clowns never lie.  Resulting in a show about emotional issues, which flies high and Perhaps, Perhaps Quizas, does hit a emotional high note.   I assume most little girls play wedding at some point as children, being a guy and having two sisters I can only guess this is a universal truth.  The majority of boys I assume never played wedding.   Gabriela’s clown takes this play to a whole new level of reality.  Being alone, wanting the magical wedding she is always in wedding mode.  The show opens to this solo woman clown in an odd wedding dress.  The show evolves from there.

Primping herself, getting ready, she notices a hole in her stocking, which she adjusts.   Versatile use of toilet paper as long rugs to walk down her isle, napkins and adornments fits this great show.  A nice touch is her humming kind of singing her grand wedding song.   Getting her walk down perfectly which takes awhile.  There is the searching for her man to be her partner.  Props are used as a substitute for her own very special man.  A rival female prop gets in her way that brings out her clowns female furry.   Which is funny and truthful.  There is that favorite issue of weight and looking perfect, Gabriela with fun and joy plays with the issues of over weight, over eating, food as a substitute for sex.   This show not only gets into a woman being alone, anyone living a life alone, but also confronts the issue there is always a better choice of man for this clown.   Which she fancies just a little more.

Jacque Lecoq said, “Solo clowns always go to the audience because they are looking for their partner.”  Here this element is used at its best.  Gabriela goes looking for her man in the audience and plays it well.  Choosing her groom as if she is in an open market of men.  Sizing them up, looking carefully which one she will choose.   Sometimes she is disappointed that a man is attached to another woman.  Sometimes she gets over it and takes him anyway.  This is another real life issue that is lightly touched on.  The male audience member is chosen and he is manipulated to be her groom.  I assume this is played differently every show, which totally depends on the audience and her choice.   Perhaps, Perhaps Quizas is loaded with realities of life clown-comedy-drama.   As one male member of the audience after the show said,  “I want to come back and see this again.”  There is one more show in The New York Clown Theater Festival 2012 for this show on Saturday Night September 22nd at 8:30 P.M.  Brilliantly play.

The New York Clown Theater Festival runs through Sept. 30th at the Brick Theater

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