NYC Subway vs The NY Clown Theater Festival

by: Stanley Allan Sherman
© copyright September 18, 2011

Saturday Night September 17, 2011 at the NY Clown Theater Festival at the Brick Theater in Brooklyn NY at Lorimer and Metropolitan; an easy ride on the L or the G NYC Subway lines, except when they are not in service for maintenance which is the case this weekend. With the L and G subways lines being out of service for the weekend both the 8 PM show Morro and Jasp Gone Wild and the 10:00 PM show TiVo La Resistance had excellent supportive houses.

Travel Options to the NY Clown Theater Festival:
Bicycle (which I did from Manhattan, a nice night ride over the Manhattan Bridge)
Subway then MTA Bus (walking could be faster)
If you have a travel suggestion on how to get to the festival today please add it.

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