TiVo La Resistance!

by: Stanley Allan Sherman
© copyright September 18, 2011

New York Clown Theater Festival
TiVo La Resistance!
Created by Logic LIMITED LTD
Performed by Chris Arruda, Sandi Carroll, and Brad Fraizer
Additional Direction by Matt Steiner and Jane Nichols

Fun show! Loved the opening, which sets up the shows beginning very well. What is wonderful is seeing these three taking whatever they do all the way and then beyond where one expects them to go. The use of four rolling stools is great and original. At least I have not seen stools used like they used them.

Clowns are supposed to take situations beyond the norm and these three do. They use all kind of basic circus and clown skills but the skills are used because they are part of the story and they are needed. Everything blends well. They are not just stuck in. The best example of well-used skill is needing to hang the Resistance flag and standing on each other’s shoulders while walking around with scarred stiff clown Sandi being the lady on top. These three clown performances where excellent. The end of the show feels they did not find their ending to the show, but worth checking out. The audience was laughing from the being to the end of the show. The audience participation – no one felt used but we all felt part of the show and part of their fun Resistance.

Final show at the NYCTF Sun 9/18 @ 3pm

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