New Work by: Jennifer Sargent

For the Sins I Can Remember

Presented by: Vagabond Inventions
Conceived Directed by: Jennifer Sargent
Co-written & Developed by: Cynthia Polutanovich,  Donna Costello & Jennifer Sargent
Music Composed & Arranged by: Tony Melone
Devised by & Featuring: Christine Giancaarino, David Arkema, Jessica Winograd, Lisa Clair, Marty Kate Schellhardt, Peter Musante, Steven Hjar, Christopher Scheer & Jennifer Stokes

For the Sins I Can Remember

For the Sins I Can Remember

Everything I have seen Jennifer Sargent create and perform has been excellent.  She told me about “For the Sins I Can Remember” which she has been working on for about 2 years now.  The inspiration came from letters called The Maimie Papers, letters of prostitute Maimie Pinzer written from 1910 to 1922 across the US during the Victorian Era.    Jennifer explained to me many of these women who went west where stuck with not to many options and came to prostitution because of situations.  They did not intend to be involved in this very old profession.  This piece explores questions of love, morality, and the femininity resonate with the contemporary minefield of womanhood.

Of course there is a multitude of tools used telling this piece as with all Jennifer’s works, physical language, narrative, lyrical movement-theater and absurd language of theatrical clown.  It sounds like it is all used well.

This new show runs at the IRT Theater in New York City, October 4th – 20th at 154 Christopher St, buzzer 3B.  For more information go to Vagabond Inventions.

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