Night Circus begins a new late night Variety Show in NYC

Produced by Burning Clown Productions
in Partnership with Workshop Theater Company

Saturday night January 26 on the full moon at 10:00 PM

Mister and Missus Clown wearing clown noses and white hair

The hosts for the evening Mister and Missus Clown

The Night Circus is excited to announce they have re-arranged the lunar calendar to allow the first Full Moon of 2013 to guest host the world premiere of their variety show.  This new unique variety show will be bi-monthly or quarterly and after this late night show starting at 10 PM their will be dancing!   Which is a wonderful addition to a late fun Saturday January night.

Three hosts, the wonderful Mister & Missus Clown and the full moon, with an excellent and exciting quality and varied lineup with some very talented veteran performers.

Juliet Jesket holding the neck of a Rubber Chicken with bright red lip stick.

The always on the edge funny, multi-talented, Juliet Jeske making this lineup a strong funny evening.

Of the five variety performers some I am very familiar with and others totally new to me.   On the bill is Rhonda Hanson, Solomon the Peculiarist, Will Shaw, Juliet Jeske and Sir Richard Green.   Plus clowns from Mister Clown’s Fool School Academy, Richard Kent “Crump” Green, Clare “Peppermint Patsy” Patterson,  Margo “Hambone” Hammond and Stefania “Curlyburly” Schramm and something about a dancing bear.

Will Shaw juggling

Will Shaw is a joy having his special brand of juggling humor and he is a Top master.





RSVP for tickets which are $20 and for a $5 discount buy your ticket by 12 Midnight on Wednesday with discount code: CLWN at




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