Clowns and Fools vs Politician

Stanley Allan Sherman
copyright December 14, 2012

Many political commentators and ones I will often agree with are insulting clowns and fools by referring to corrupt, lying, thieving politicians as clowns or fools.  This is an abuse of “clowns” and “fools”.  Here are some clown and fool facts showing that clowns are indeed the very opposite of Politicians.

1. Clowns and Fools never lie. It is one basic reality of clowning.
2. Clowns and Fools always tell the truth, because the truth is very funny and tragic, resulting in great moving theater.
3. Clowns and Fools are a reflection of society, even more so the Fool.
4. Clowns and Fools move people emotionally in positive ways.
5. Many clowns and fools are politically active and most that I run into and have worked with are not only progressive and liberal but also very active on the political front lines of positive change.
6. Most successful clowns and fools work very hard, are multi talented and not only must be artists but a businessperson as well.
7. Clowns and Fools often make people laugh from their soul.  They can tell the truth to everyone, including powerful people.
8. Great Clowns will make children and adults laugh at the same time and that is not always easy.
9. Clowns bring people joy and make them feel wonderful.
10. Clowns are fun!

Politicians, most of them have none of these qualities.

“The Jon Stewart Show” along with the “Colbert Nation” is the closest thing we have to true national televised clowns and fools.  Many people today get their news from these comics, because they tell the truths like clowns and fools.

Never use Clowns or Fools to describe a bad politician – especially when there are so many more things you can call them, which truly describe them.

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2 Responses to Clowns and Fools vs Politician

  1. JPt says:

    Good insights, Stanley. Perhaps the job of the politician is to fuzz the truth while the clown and the fool find the truth under the fuzz. It’s the difference between unreverence and irreverence.

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