What If I’m Dead? Is Funny

NY Clown Theater Festival

Written and Created by: Alan Fessenden with Giovanni Fusetti & The Geniuses
Clown: Bartholomew

By: Stanley Allan Sherman
© copyright September 9, 2012

What a wonderful clown.  Never misses anything that happens, no matter how small.  Bartholomew picks up on it and it is part of the show.  Evan at the opening, talking about giving him your candy wrappers so he can unwrap them and place them backstage so you will not disturb the audience (when you want a candy, just tell him and he will go back stage get your candy and throw it at you) and welcoming latecomers.  It is all part of the joy of seeing Bartholomew in action.

Once Bartholomew starts, there is no stopping.  Yes, it is about life and death, going to places that are normally uncomfortable to speak about.  Only a clown can speak about the vagina, mother and death telling total truth and have everyone laughing. Bartholomew is a talking clown with good movement.  Bartholomew’s use of mime is good, clean and simple.  You do not notice that it is mime; it is part of the piece, like the rocking casket that rocks back and forth.

Creating various characters at his funeral, he is tries to find out how he died.  He throws some attendees out.  Others he welcomes.  Audience participation is fun and funny, helping to build the show with at-the-moment improvisation.

There was a short point where it started to be a little bit of the same thing over and over again, but then it shifted into another level and the show picked up again.  We laughed, there were sad serious movements.  People did not cry, but Bartholomew is capable of taking us there.

Great show, it was funny.  Unfortunately this was Bartholomew’s only scheduled show of the festival.   Hopefully he will be doing it again somewhere soon.   He is one clown that knows what clowning is.  In its own way Bartholomew and “What If I’m Dead” rises to the level of Clown Theater.    

The New York Clown Theater Festival runs through Sept. 30th at the Brick Theater http://www.bricktheater.com

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