Fay Lees Lecoq – thank you

By: Stanley Allan Sherman

© August 30, 2012

Fay Lecoq had profound effects on many people, including me.  Theater artists and to be theater artists from around the world went to study with her husband Jacques Lecoq.  Fay was essential in making it all happen. You would not think saying,  “Have a good day” could change someone’s life.  It did.

Found out about Ecole Jacques Lecoq Theater Mime Movement in the middle of the desert.  I was in Israel living, working, studying mime and dance after graduating high school in the US.  While hitchhiking near the Dead Sea, no one was stopping; it was getting dark and cold.  A driver picked me up asked, “What are doing?”   I told her, “I am going to study mime at Marcel Marceau’s school.”  She said, “No!  Study with Jacques Lecoq in Paris.  Go to the French embassy and they will give you the address.”  I applied and the answer was yes.  There I was with two letters of acceptance. Looking at both of them Marcel’s was all business.  The letter from Lecoq’s was personal.  Of course it was from Fay. I will never forget that letter.  She ended the letter with, “Have a good day.”  

Hitch hiking to Paris from Israel all I thought about were the two letters, two different opportunities.   As I got closer to Paris looking at the letters, Lecoq’s was personal and that is how the school would be, personal.   Fay is the reason I went to Ecole Jacques Lecoq Theater Mime Movement, which is what it was called in 1970.  It was her that made the difference for me at the beginning.   The energy of the letter was wonderful.   She made a difference for so many, in all the little things that were in reality very big, which helped people from around the world become and discover their creative force.  In the business of running the school she was always very serious with strong and tender charm, very quick in her actions and mind, always full of life and joy.  She considered herself a coordinator and enabler.  In my book she has equal credit for the success of this very unique pioneering school of creativity and theater.

Fay was Jacques translator into English when Jacques traveled to English speaking countries.   I have no idea all the things she did behind the scenes.  After her husband died, my teacher, in 1999 the International School of Theater Jacques Lecoq continued and is still going strong today because of Fay.

The Lecoq family announced the death of Fay Lees Lecoq, Director of the International School of Theater Jacques Lecoq, in Paris, France, Tuesday, August 7, 2012, at the age of seventy-six.

This marks an end of an era and the beginning of a new one for everyone they touched.  Fay you will be missed.   Thank you Jacques and Fay Lecoq hope you are enjoying the view and laughing.

Here is the link to Fay Lees Lecoq bio on the school website.  It goes into detail about her journey.  http://www.ecole-jacqueslecoq.com/en/biographies_en-000004_t9.html

Please feel free to post any stories you have of Fay Lee Lecoq.

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