Caleb Kors, “Circus Boy” “Flip” 2001 – 2012

Caleb Kors “Flip” was a very brave young performer. People that saw and worked with him talked about how he could go where professional performers are afraid. He was always changing and advancing this act. He started performing in the Bellingham green market near his mother’s booth where she sold jewelry and other items.

Caleb Kors, 10 years old and nephew of our dear friend Peter Kors, performer, actor, teacher who worked, trained and taught with Carlo Mazzone-Clementi and understands Carlo’s deep work including the Metaphysical mask.

There are press reports around the world about Caleb Kors. He was working on a new circus costume and act in his bedroom, but somehow may have been accidentally strangled by a thin rope around this neck that cut off oxygen to his brain. He was airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Washington State but suffered serious brain damage and passed away the following night.

Caleb Kors died on January 10, 2012
Here are two YouTube link to Caleb Kors “Flip” performing in his spot in the Bellingham Green Market and one where he trained at the Bellingham Circus Guild.

To Caleb Kors “Flip”
One day when the prophet Elijah was standing in the market place, a friend came up to him and asked: “is there anybody in this multitude who will have a share in the world to come?” Elijah looked about him and with a sigh answered, “no.” Then he looked about again and pointed to two men who had just entered the marketplace and were making their way through the crowd. “These two men will have a share in the world to come.” “What is their occupation and what have the done to deserve it?” Asked Elijah’s friend. “They are clowns,” Elijah replied “and when they see people troubled in mind or heavy with sorrow they make them laugh, and when they meet people who quarrel, they make peace between them.” Babylonian Talmud- Ta’Anit

May Caleb Kors parents, two older brothers, Peter and his extended family only experience blessing and joy in their future. Thank you to Caleb Kors.

This is a face book link in honor of Caleb Kors

If you would like to help the Kors family with medical bills

They are talking about putting together a scholarship fund in Caleb Kors name to support other kids that would like to learn circus arts.

Here are a few links that report about his accidental death from different parts of the world.

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