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body cast for display
: Planet Earth Mask

Working with leather and other materials I create many things.

If you have a need or idea of something special, e-mail me or give me a call.

These are some of the interesting custom order masks and props I have created for private clients:

A leather Top Hat for high wire walker Philippe Petit, a strange full-headed mask for a private client, a doctor's black plague mask for Patch Adams, pig snout mask for a private client, custom mask for international magician Jeff McBride, and a mask for the cover of the book for best-selling author Jeffery Deaver, face of an important Rabbi made from photo's, The Vanished Man.

Philippe Petit wearing custom top hat walking the hi-wire
Philippe Petit performing in Washington
Square Park in New York City with the Top 
Hat I created for him in 1983.  He 
collected many dollars in that hat.

Philippe crossed World Trade Center 
buildings on the high-wire in the 70's.


Close-up of Custom leather Prop Top Hat made for Philippe One of my most difficult projects was for high wire walker Philippe Petit who says,

"I have been street-juggling on five continents for the past 19 years and all that time I had trouble with my top hats: too light, too heavy, too fragile…I tried making them out of cardboard, papier-mâché, celastic, even fiberglass, until I decided that leather was the solution.

And until I met Artist-Craftsman Stanley Sherman, who succeeded in manufacturing to my specifications-out of one hide, without cuts or seams--- the perfect top hat." Philippe Petit / High-wire walker and street-juggler. NYC 1983

Miniature test model Top Hat  smaller than my hand

Geo Friend-Lee
Planet Earth Mask

This environmental education custom made planet earth mask is neoprene latex with a free-floating movable jaw.

The custom made wig and wig weaving cap is made of yarn, is removable and washable. Being able to clean yarn costumes in very important after long days of performing. The yarn continues the continents in green yarn and oceans in blue yarn.

Have a question about a unique project, contact me.
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Making and designing this hat was a 6-month project. I first made a small test hat shown to the right. Then I sculpted and made the master mold and created Philippe's top hat. The weight of leather is about that of good belt leather. Philippe told me he could spin the hat on his finger forever because of its balance and weight.

Mask of the map of the world with a free floating movable jaw with a blue and green yarn wig that I made.
Geo Friend-Lee Copyright © 2013 Stanley Allan Sherman

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Vanished Man book Cover

Jeffery Deaver

book cover

The Vanished Man

These types of masks I usually do not make. But I created this mask for the book cover.

They were looking all over the world for an off-the-shelf mask and could not find it.

They ended up commissioning me for this one-of-a-kind mask.

Getting all those shapes just in the right place to work together and give the right feeling was a fun challenge.

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Book Cover with diamond black & white patterned mask

Store Display - Body Cast Hands and Arms

Six plaster cast hand sand arms holding up cookie making kitchen tools, coming out of the grass for a Halloween Display.

Marina's hands and arms were cast in a negative mold in position holding a cookie sheet.











Halloween fun and funny display at the kitchen store Whisk in NYC.

This display was designed and created by Billy Schultz, Marina Tsaplina is the hand model. Both Billy and Marina are also performers and artists based in New York City.

Marina hands and arms were cast in a negative mold in position holding various cookie making kitchen tools. Then the positive casts were created for the display. Billy then put everything together.

Need to put something special together, if you think I can help please contact me.


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doctor's mask

The world famous and funny healer, Patch Adams, MD called me one day and ordered a doctor's mask similar to the masks they wore during the black plague of Europe in the 1500's and 1600's. Sometimes called a death mask.

The nose of the mask is stuffed with flowers to filter out the smell of the dead.

Patch Adams tours the world brings healing through laughter. I highly suggest you go to his wonderful web site and learn what great healing is. You can also learn about participating in his clowning, healing adventures and supporting his work.

doctor's long beaked masque stuffed with dried flowers



This is a mask created for a private client with whom I never met. I communicated with client by sending photos, drawings and samples over the Internet, through the mail and

talking over the phone. This mask, as you see, covers the full head. The front was sculpted and the back and sides were done freehand.
Custom designed alien full head alien side view
One-piece outer space creature Red spines covering the back of the reddish brown mask

This skull mask design was created originally for Opera. These 10 were created for Mosqidou Walsh Fashion & Music show. Below you see raw unfinished and finished.
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raw unfinish 10 skull masks

5 finished skull masks in green, gray silver, purple, red and brownish red

10 finished skull masks, green, gray silver, light blue, silver, yellow, blue, red , black and browish red all laying on a table in my workshop
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Photograph to Mask

Half mask of an old Rabbi sculpture from photos

This mask I sculpted from photographs of a very religious groups late Rabbi. This is a neoprene mask that was a very quick job and finished this year.

Neoprene Rabbi Sculpture Mask

Old famous Rabbi half-mask with some hair
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Outlandish, strange, difficult, wonderful, historic, imaginative things to create are my specialty.

If you have an idea or the need for something special, give me a call or send me an e-mail and I will see if I can help you out.
Comedy wearable leather mask with yak-hair eyebrows Tragedy wearable leather mask with yak-hair eyebrows
Comedy and Tragedy masks: Yes you can order these masks in leather or neoprene. Contact me if you are interested. Top of the page
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