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Navigation Bar NYTheatre Wire Founded in 1996, the original site of theater criticism on the World Wide Web this is run by my good friend Jonathan Slaff who also does media relations and also has the next two web sites below. Jonathan Slaff & Associates performs media relations for cultural institutions and civic events, primarily in New York City and vicinity. International Readership - Performing Arts New Unabridged. This is a great source of information and a great place to list your information.

Ecole Jacques Lecoq where I studied in the 70's. The International Theatre School Jacques Lecoq teaches the controll of gesture and movement through melodrama, human comedy, tragedy, « bouffons » and clown. The Jacques Lecoq school is open for actors, producers and stage designers, but also architects, teachers and authors.

David Sharps The Hudson Waterfront Museum a.k.a. the Waterfront Museum & Showboat Barge was created in 1986 to insure public waterfront access and to provide maritime/environmental education and cultural arts programs aboard an historic vessel. Through partnerships with diverse groups that include area schools, harbor/environmental agencies and community/education leaders, the Museum offers low-cost programs and resources and contributes to a higher quality of life in our own economically depressed community and in developing other waterfront neighborhoods. Circus NYC is a great website listing circus related information happening in the NYC area. They cover workshops, show, job & gigs, random items, resources and community links. There is also with similar information.

Judith Chaffee Commedia dell'Arte web site - this is very a good site about Commedia dell'Arte.

ATAC - THE ASSOCIATION OF THEATRICAL ARTISTS AND CRAFTSPEOPLE this is an organization of artists and craftspeople that make everything you can imagine for the entertainment world. I am also a member and have been on their board. They also put out The Entertainment Source Book : Links to All Things Clown and Wonderful; edited by Adam Gertsacov More about the clown work of the reigning Clown Laureate of Greenbelt, Maryland, Adam G. Gertsacov

Gil Marks is my co-author of the play "The Golem of Gavah." He is also the author of 4 cookbooks, the last one, "Olive Trees and Honey," won the James Beard Award in 2005. You will find cooking facts and weekly Torah facts that relate to food on his website.

Roving Classical Commedia University* (Totally Unaccredited), founded in 2001 is dedicated to teaching Commedia dell'Arte as close to how it was performed in the late 1500's as possible. Directed by Hovey Burgess and Stanley Allan Sherman

American Association of Community Theatre

Mark Schafer, Photographer it is worth while just to go to his web site and check out this amazing photographers. He does a lot of work for Vanity Fair Magazine and TV & Film productions shooting in NYC.

My friend and collage Commedia dell'Arte and Circus expert, Hovey Burgess you can contact him at Contact Hovey 212-473-8285.

Catherine Turocy and New York Baroque Dance Company one of the first companies to order masks from me. Go to their web site for information about their dance concerts and classes.

Bond Street Theatre, a theatre company founded in 1976 by a group of physically skilled, socially concerned actors, was shaped by their diversity of techniques and motivated by their passion to be useful in this world. NYMuseums the original site of museum reviews on the World Wide Web. Contains listing of NY museums by neighborhood and type and the very first guide to community tourism in New York City.

Patch Adams the clown that helps world get better and a doctor you can trust because he wears a red nose and big shoes. Go his web site for information about supporting his free hospital and clown healing.

Ariane Anthony and Company a wonderful dancer that combines dance and clown. She also teaches and does mask work.

Drama Book Shop 250 W. 40th St. NYC - an independent theatre book store.

A good friend of mine Actress and clown Deborah Jean Templin she has her own solo show "Unsinkable Women" Stories and Songs from the Titanic and also has done children mime and clown shows NYC Circus shows, workshops, gigs, info, resources NYC Juggling shows, workshops, gigs, info, resources

physicalcomedy.blogspot by John Towsen

encyclopaedia-of-clown Jim Moore photographer variety performers

Services and Supplies

Henry Westpfal & Co Need scissors sharpened, leather and garment tools. This is a small company over 100 years old. They have no website and specialize in tools of the trade.
115 West 25th St, New York NY 10001 212-563-5990

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Judaica Art

These piece are one-of-a-kind piece. Once they are sold they are gone. Email me if you have a special requests. Contact Stanley Allan Sherman at Mask Arts Company Back to the Top

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I started out creating Havdalah spice boxes and mezuzah cases as wedding presents for friends, and often was told it was their most precious gift. Offering them on my web site is something new.

I only make these when I am in the mood, as I do not want any of my work to become factory pieces. Everything is created between Sunday and Friday afternoon. Each piece gets its own private individual blessing.

Mezuzah Cases

My mezuzah cases are handcrafted leather cases. Some may have non-leather elements. They stand up very well and, as you touch them, they get nicer. You put the scroll in the top or the leather mezuzah case, and put the handcrafted leather cork in the top to seal the case. You can attach it with double stick tape or nails if is designed for nails.

Scrolls for the Mezuzah Case

Each mezuzah case needs a scroll. You can get them through your own sources or I can provide you with a scroll. Scrolls generally start at about $45 and go up from there. I buy them directly from the Sofer (scribe) on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. They are all 100% kosher and add only a $7 handling fee on top of what the Sofer charges.

Havdalah Spice Boxes

Each one is different and one of a kind. You will need spices for your spice box. Stanley special blend of spices - more than enough to fill your box $6.00
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To place an order, questions, other information or to be put on the e-mail list for newsletters and announcements

Contact Stanley Allan Sherman - Mask Arts Company 212-255-2882: 203 West 14th St Studio 5F, New York NY 10011-7138

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One of a kind Havdalah Spice Boxes

spice box #1spice box #1spice box #1
Havdalah Spice Box #1 (leather, height - 5 inches , 2 inches wide, molded, carved and finished ) Donated to the Sixteenth Street Synagogue in NYC. If you go to evening services on Saturday night you can use it.

spice box #2spice box #2spice box #2
Havdalah Spice Box #2 (leather, height - 7 inches , 2 inches wide, molded, carved and finished ) Sold.

spice box #3spice box #3spice box #3
Havdalah Spice Box #3
(leather, height - 8 inches , 2 inches wide, molded, carved and finished ). Donated to the Sixteenth Street Synagogue in NYC. If you go to evening services on Saturday night you can use it.

spice box #4spice box #4spice box #4
Havdalah Spice Box #4
(leather, height - 7 inches , 1 3/4 inches wide, molded, carved and finished ) Sold.