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Economic Recovery Mask prices

Raw Neoprene mask prices
10 masks $559
15 different masks $832
22 different masks $1,216

Finished Neoprene mask prices
7 different masks $529
10 different masks $753
18 different masks $1,356
22 different masks $1,650

Finished Neoprene masks with Hair prices
different masks $693
different masks $979
different masks $1,752
2 different masks $2,134

Neoprene Commedia dell'Arte Masks

This is a high quality semi-hard Neoprene Latex which will last many years. These are not the floppy latex masks in Halloween stores or as comfortable or durable as the leather masks. No neoprene mask is. But you cannot beat the price. For the budget-minded teachers, performers and companies. I have three different prices for masks below, plus you can add 2 extra feature, adjustable elastic and padding on the inside to make them very comfortable.

1. Raw Commedia dell'Arte masks straight from the mold, unfinished. Price - $44 to $69 each. You paint your masks and put the elastic on. Unfinished masks, excess cut off, eyes cut out, edges unfinished, you do the rest. Pieces of neoprene scraps for testing colors and elastic comes with your masks along with finishing instructions. Masks needs, elastic attached, color and finishing.

2. Finished Commedia dell'Arte masks - $74 to $88 are individually hand colored using a variety of products and techniques, quality 3/4 inch elastic is securely attached for long lasting good clean look, and they have a custom protective finish. You have the option of having adjustable elastic added to your masks.

3. Commedia dell'Arte with Hair added -- add $99 to $116. Adding hair makes masks really come alive.

Extra important features
4. Adding lining to the inside of forehead is highly recommended. Moleskin lining increases comfort of the masks 100%; add $15 per mask when ordering. For the people who like to do things themselves. Save money order self-adhesives lining and putting it in yourself at $15 a square foot.

5. Adjustable elastic to adjust the tightness of the elastic even after the elastic looses it elasticity; add $17 per mask when ordering. Sale price $3.00 per mask.


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Raw Neoprene Commedia dell'Arte Character Masks



raw neoprene arlecchino mask


finished neoprene Arlecchino mask

Finished Neoprene Commedia dell'Arte Mask Characters


Finished with hair neoprene  Pantalone  mask Finished Neoprene Commedia dell'Arte Mask Characters with Hair.

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Mask Making Workshops
Paper/cloth meche, neoprene latex, leather or custom leather clown nose
Mask Arts Studio NYC from $200 to $2,275
Yes we are able to mask making workshops at your school, college, university or theater company.

Commedia dell'Arte Characters, History, Lazzi, Mask Work, Movements, Scenario, Improvisation & more.
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