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What Not To Do With A Wrestling Mask Design

Sultan Wrestling  mask Sultan Mask is a good example of what not to do with a wrestling mask design. Covering the mouth and nose limits your ability to speak and breathe freely. The client insisted on this type of design, which I advised against.

As soon as one speaks in a mask like this the mask stops being part of your total character and starts being just a mask covering up the face. There are many things I did to improve this mask's breathe-ability. The gold areas are cutout air vents in the sides and front. The bottom of the mask sticks out for airflow from underneath the mask. Sultan mask was a successful but short-lived character. As I expected, it was reported to me that the wrestler complained about airflow of the mask, which I adjusted several times. Moral: avoid this kind of mask design if you are wrestling and trust my design advice.

Many wrestlers do not want to cover their face with a badly designed mask for good reasons. Badly designed mask characters tend to be short lived and lose; all the mask does is cover up their face instead of adding to their character. It can be a sign you will not be around long. But with a mask, quality-designed, specifically for you, working with you, the mask becomes a great and very positive asset. ...Like the Mankind Mask was a great asset for Mick Foley.

Another thing of which to be careful, (from my experience): many people, including professionals, will latch onto cartoon fantasy characters or film characters and try to do a spin off of it. I have never seen these designs work. Plus, you're stealing someone else's design or concept. It is much better to be original and unique. Build on the talents you have and we can come up with a mask character that is created uniquely for you.

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