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Half or Three Quarter Wrestling Masks

also excellent for Singing

Undertaker Mask signed

These masks leave the area under the nose, mouth and chin free and open for excellent breathe-ability. They are very effective character masks and often cost less.
Kerry Knowlton "Hell Cage" Kerry Knowlton "Hell Cage"

Here you can see the difference it makes when one puts the mask on and how it comes alive. Becoming not just a mask covering up the face but a mask that becomes a complete character when it is put on. You also see how theatrical lighting effects the mask.

I created this mask for the up coming film by Kerry Knowlton "Hell Cage". The film is being edited now, I have seen about 6 minutes of it and it is very good.

Ryan Wilson Mask Ryan Wilson Mask

Here is one of my latest wrestling masks created for Ryan Wilson who is now in training. It has a completely unique look. This is a lower priced mask and again you can see, can breathe and speak without any problems.

Ryan is now speaking with me about a back up mask. Because you never know what is going to happen when traveling and touring, a back up mask always comes in handy.

Undertaker Mask signed

Undertaker Mask


This is the mask I created for the Undertaker with the World Wrestling Federation (WWF now WWE for Entertainment). This is another example of a three quarter mask design.

When Mick Foley was in my studio while I was measuring and making a mold of his face, he told me the story of when he first saw the "Undertaker Mask" on the Undertaker.

He was in Japan touring and when he heard he was to be wearing a mask. He was very unhappy.

Then he heard the same guy that created the "Undertakers Mask" was making his mask. All of the wrestlers had just got on the bus and were talking and doing everything a bus full of wrestlers do. The bus is never quiet.

Now understand Japan has a very big mask tradition with the Japanese Noh Theatre which uses masks. On the television on the bus was a WWF match and the Undertaker came out with the "Undertaker Mask" on.

Everyone on the bus stopped talking and just watched the television. Mick told me none of them had seen anything like it and Mick changed his attitude about getting a mask. Everyone on the bus was very impressed and told Mick Foley how lucky he was. Mick Foley agreed.

If you are considering having a mask made for you. Give me a call or e-mail me and we can discuss the possibilities of creating a unique character for you.

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