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Free Floating Movable Jaw

Both the "Mankind Mask" and "Abuni Mask" have the Free Floating Movable Jaws that I developed specifically for the "Mankind Mask" and now use in other wrestling masks as well as for some opera singers. This design is also excellent for Theatre, Music Groups, Bands, Rock and Roll, Singers and Opera.
ManKind Mask Abuni Mask
When one speaks in a mask with no mouth, theatrically it does not work. The mask stops being a character and becomes just a mask on a person's face.
Abuni Mask Finished Mankind Mask
The Free Floating Movable Jaw gives you a full-face mask with breathe-ability plus the ability to speak. Or as Mick Foley says, "…Leather mask with a mouth I could actually move." Then I add durability for the abuse the mask must take in the ring or performance.
glow glow

This is a different type of Free Floating Movable Jaw; it is more of a Floating Chin but has a similar effect. This wrestling mask has some very special features. Among them I developed a different type of strapping to hold the mask on and the mask has the ability to glow in the dark.

The person that I made this mask for said "Stanley, rather than me telling you what to make, I trust your creativity. Do what you want and think is best." Working with him this is the mask that resulted; it has excellent theatricality, visibility and breathe-ability. I am told the client now uses it in a rock and roll band.

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