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Adjustable Elastic

Always on the lookout to improve my masks and I have found another one.

Adjustable Elastics:
Adjustable elastic is now totally adjustable, even after the quality 3/4 inch elastic gives out. For years have looked for a better way to attach and work the elastic that holds your masks on. Have found a better way. It takes more time to add this feature but it is very handy for adjusting the tightness of your mask and wonderful when the elastics life is giving out. This new system is simple and effective enabling the actor to adjust their mask elastic tightness to his or her comfort and need.

If you are doing lots of spins, gymnastics at high speed may need a custom advance elastic holding system. Let me know and will engineer a system for your needs.

Leather Masks come with adjustable elastics.
Neoprene Latex Masks there is a $3 charge if you would like to add adjustable elastic on your mask.

Clean Edge:
In my masks, all elastics (that are used to hold the masks on to your face) are securely attached to the mask. Giving a clean edges on the sides of the mask. No rivets or strange attachments. Yes it takes much longer to attach the elastics this way, but it lasts a long time.

No Rivets, No Distracting Attachments to hold on the elastic:
Many mask makers use rivets in the side of their masks to hold the elastic on. It is quick, simple and cheaper to do. Three problems I have seen with this :
1: have not seen a rivet that will not corrode (rust) on a mask.
2: The rivet weakens the holding point of the elastic and it will break in time or the rivet will pull out of the leather or neoprene latex.
3: In addition, I think the rivets detract from the character of the mask.

Elastic quality:
Elastic quality is something that I have always been concerned with. Being in NYC and having access to the NYC Garment Center I acquired durable high quality fresh non-roll 3/4 inch elastic made in the USA. The life of this elastic extend beyond everyday common elastic or the small 1/2 elastic which is never use because it is to weak for long lasting and durable wear.

Keeping the cost of my neoprene latex masks low for you. Neoprene Latex Masks without adjustable elastics are available because I understand people and organizations sometimes have tight budgets and a few dollars can make a difference. This is why I offer adjustable elastic and lining as add-on features. This keeps prices lower and give you the option of ordering adjustable elastic on your masks.