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Mask Fittings

A personal fitting in my NYC Studio is included in the price of all masks. Long distance fitting are also available. Productions will fly me into a far distant city just to fit masks for a production. What can take a costumer a hour to adjust, will take me 3 minutes. It can make a significant difference in the comfort of the mask for the performer.

Fittings are recommended for final adjustment of the mask to the performer's face. Sometimes some small thing will bother the performer and a 30 second adjustment takes care of it.

Performance Tips &
Workshops for Production Performers:

I do give personal performing tips to the performer's wearing the mask. In productions, of course always with the approval of the director. There are tips and insights in helping your mask come alive in performance. Have done short workshops for the Joffrey Ballet School production of The Nut Cracker Ballet and according to the choreographer it had a profound effect on their production and choreography. Have given personal guidance and tips to Queen of the Night star Katherine Crockett. Which a cast member in the show told me she did it every night before going on. The tip is something that Carlo Mazzone-Clementi taught me in a very subtle way.

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