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Finishing for Leather Masks

To finish each mask, use traditional leather dyes and stains and my own custom formulas I have developed. Different masks can require different finishes. Need a special color(s), finish or hair, let me know. Have even created a mask which part of it glows in the dark and lights up.

According to a Mask Maker friend in Europe, because of how I create and mold the leather in my masks I have a much broader range of colors I can use to dye and stain my mask than the European mask makers.

Several finishes I developed myself, one cannot buy on the open market. It gives a long lasting flexible protective finish to masks that preserve the leather. My finishes take time to work into the leather. Some times taking not a few minutes but a few days of waxing, polishing, shining and re-waxing. Have all kinds of different shine brushes, professional shine cloths and favorite rags. Yes as my clothing wears out, I feel the cloth to see if it right to elevate into rags, which are tools.

If you have an old leather mask and would me to refurbish it, that I do. The mask ends up looks better than when it was new.

A mask should be somewhat like a shoe; flexible, natural, breaths and comfortable. As you wear your masks, it will shape to you like a high quality shoe. Have a question, please ask.

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