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mole skin lining

Moleskin Lining $15 additional per mask installed.

Do it yourself self-adhesive moleskin lining $15 per square foot.


When I started making neoprene latex masks one thing I had to deal with, which no mask maker at the time that I know of where dealing with, it can be uncomfortable to wear neoprene latex masks. To solve this problem I found a lining that makes neoprene latex masks much more comfortable to wear. I use medical grade moleskin lining that was made to lay on ones skin.

You can now order moleskin lining put in the inside of your neoprene latex masks which mainly covers the forehead area. Price of lining is $15 extra per mask.

The reason I do not include lining as part of the over all price of masks and have this as an extra feature; to help keep the price of quality neoprene latex masks down for those of you with a tighter budget.

If you would like to save money and put the lining in yourself, you can order the self-adhesive moleskin lining at $15 a square foot. One square foot can cover 3 or 4 masks, depending on the masks.

Tip for making your own mask pads. Pads are use by some performers and they are place between the forehead and the mask. My teacher Jacques Lecoq was always giving some students something to make the masks more comfortable to wear. The self-adhesive moleskin is also good for making removable pads.

Instructions for making your own mask pads.
1. Cut a small piece of foam rubber smaller than the forehead of your mask. About 1/4 to 1/2 an inch thick.

2. Measure around the foam rubber and cut a piece of moleskin self-adhesive lining so it goes all the way around and is a little bigger than your foam rubber.

3. Peal off the backing of the self-adhesive moleskin lining and wrap the lining around some foam rubber and squeeze the ends together. Cut off any excess and you have you have your own mask pad.

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