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Leather Fitted Custom Clown Nose making workshop:
Learn how to make your own leather clown nose
to be announced

Includes all material, tools and supplies which you get to keep; plus an extra piece of leather to make a nose on your own.

Leather Clown Nose Making Workshop Photos & Information

Would you like to make your own Custom Fitted Leather Clown Nose?

I just want to give a plug for Stanley's leather clown noses. I bought
one twenty-two years ago and it's still in good shape. I used it a lot
in performance the first ten years and still use it in rehearsal. It has
such a distinct (and comfortable) feel when I wear it, that I'm ready
to play as soon as I put it on (Pavlov's fool).

Drew Richardson January 5, 2007: Update May 2015 Drew's clown nose will celebrate its 30th anniversary

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One great thing about the leather clown nose is they do not sweat like rubber or latex, you can breathe and they have a much more natural look than rubber. From what clowns have reported to me their leather clown noses have lasted on an average of 8 to 10 years. Ooops it is longer - Drew Richardson's nose is going on 22 years.

Clown Nose WorkshopJenna Horton's Clown Nose Keith Nelson trying on his finished clown nose for the first timeRob Torres & Keith Nelson trying on their new clown noses they made

Leather Clown Noses: Ariane Anthony, Golan Reinitz, Jeff Seal, Lynn Berg, Pat Cashin and Jenna Horton, pic 3 - Keith Nelson head clown of the Bindelstiff Circus, pic 4 with Keith, Rob Torres of the Big Apple Circus an Funfreestuff

How to make your own leather clown noses?
teaches two-day clown nose making workshops.
Making well over 100 custom fitted clown noses for clowns in the New York area and around the world.

In the class you learn how to:

Custom fitted leather Clown Nose making workshops

Date: to be announced
contact Stanley Allan Sherman

Place: New York City - Mask Arts Studio

Class size is Limited

Price: $300 for the class
Tool and material fee included - plus an extra piece of leather to take home to make a second clown nose on your own.

To reserve your spot you must pay the full fee in advance - because I need to buy the tools and supplies in advance. (Will accept 50% deposit from those people with financial needs.)

To sign up or more info: 212-255-2882
contact: Stanley Allan Sherman
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Leather Clown Nose Making Workshop News Article & Video of the Workshop

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Ariane, Lynn and Pat holding up the leather used to make their clown noses

Jenna punching holes in her clown nose

Jenna punching clown nose holes, Keith Nelson punching his nose holes, Rob Torres punching his clown nose holes.

Lynn trying on his unpainted clown nose Lynn's nose before painting. Jeff Seal trying on his unpainted clown nose Jeff's Nose Golan trying on his unpainted clown noseGolan's Nose

Lynn, Ariane & Golan looking at the molded clown nose's now drying Noses ready to be cut.Ariane holding on her unpainted clown nose on her nose Ariane's nose ready for painting

Golan trying on his just finished clown noseFitting Ariane wearing her just finished clown nose Ariane Pat Cashin wearing his just finished clown nosePat Rob Torres wearing his just finihed clown noseRob Keith trying on his painted leather clown nose Keith

Jenna Horton with the raw clown nose on before painting Jenna Horton painting the nose Jenna Horton punching the hole Jenna Horton tying the string Jenna Horton Finished
Jenna with her finished Clown Nose before painting, painting, punching the nose hole, tying on the silk thread and finished.

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