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"Adding hair to a mask makes the mask come alive."
Carlo Mazzone-Clementi

Hair for the mask eyebrows and other facial hair. You have a choice of various animal hairs that are available-- Yak, Goat, Sheep, Horse, sometimes other hair or leave it up to me. On request or for a special project, I will use synthetic hair. I do not use human hair.

Carlo Mazzone-Clementi taught me how to attach hair in a mask. The hair is never just on top of a mask, but carefully attach hair in the mask so it is part of the mask. Hair is either seal or glue from the inside of the mask giving a clean look. Masks with hair have much more life.

Contact me if you have a special request, questions or looking for a special look using hair.

Hair is included with leather masks.
Extra hair may be more depending on what your needs are.

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