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Mankind Mask Twins We develop a wrestling mask character for you; you want to make sure no one else is going to get a copy of the mask I create for you. That is why (most) wrestling masks are made exclusively for the client or wrestler, meaning no one but the client can order a copy of the mask.


My exclusives go both ways, I will only make a copy of a mask with an exclusive for the client and I am the only one that can make any kind of copies of the masks I make.

This mask I designed for the up coming film "Hell Cage" by Kerry Knolton. This is one wrestling mask that you can order because of a special arrangement I made with the client. The film is being edited now and you can look for it to come out some time in the future. Hell Cage Film Mask
If you want to be notified when the film is going to open or interested in a copy of this mask contact me. No copy of this mask will be sold until the film opens.
ManKind Masks and Me

Backup Mask; does one really need one? Because you never know when something unexpected might happen to your mask, anything from thief, lost luggage and more.

I have received desperate calls very late at night for an emergency mask or repairs from various productions, clients and even the WWF. One time Mick Foley decided he did not need the top strap to his mask so he cut it off. They also let the backup mask go into disrepair. Suddenly the Mankind Mask had a major event and there was not a Mankind Mask. Luckily I had time that day to do the repair. The backup Mankind Mask received a lot of use. If you are doing a lot of shows and touring to many cities a backup mask is recommended.

Mask Checkups I recommend a check-up for your wrestling masks, about every 6 months to a year, depending on its use. This advice is almost always ignored until an emergency occurs. One company could have saved a lot of money if they had taken their masks in for a check up. They ended up having to get two new masks.

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